Happy Weekend, Engrish Lovers!

This is mostly a shout-out to engrish.com, which chronicles the funniest moments in mistranslation in public places. I want to think they’re cheap shots, but durnit if I’m not a sucker for potty humor. *sigh*
Never thee mind, on to business:


Best. Yard. Sign. Ever.


Aww, kiddo, buck up!


Is this the Courtney Love edition of the previous shirt?


Ah, the culprit...


See how much fun life can be if you choose regular coffee over Depresso! (egads, I feels as though I should embroider that on a pillow and sell it at State Fairs)

Well, they both do tend to explode...

Well, they both do tend to explode...




Also it makes funny the jokes of the friendless bloggers!


1 Response to “Happy Weekend, Engrish Lovers!”

  1. 1 Jen
    February 1, 2009 at 22:08

    I use this website all the time in my Tech Writing classes as an example of the importance of 1) editing and 2) being aware of international conventions and audiences.

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