It’s Just A Homophone, GOP

I feel I should distinguish here, for our “Christian” (meaning “real Americans”)(meaning Republican) brethren in Congress. Dam is not the same as Damn.

So, when the stimulus package Obama’s proposed says it’s going to spend $500 million dollars damming along the Mississipi River (as part of flood control projects), that doesn’t mean he’s going to drive down the I-10 cursing them all. Never fear! He’s really just trying to save their lives, on the “off chance” a big hurricane might hit…again…and again and again…

Or do you GOPers already know that and are just hoping for a repeat of a picture like this?

Katrina Photo Contest Winner

Cause, yeah, it’s a funny picture. But so are LOLcats. And we don’t need to keep plunging cats in water in order to take them!

See?  Funny!



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