Oh, Give It Up, Barry!

I know Obama wants to be all post-partisan and unclenced-fisted and all, but it’s time to get real when it comes to the stimulus package.  The House Republicans not only didn’t shake your proverbially proffered hand, they metaphorically fisted you with no lubrication or cuddling afterwards.  Why?  It’s a win-win, politically speaking.

Look, if the Democratic primary season taught us anything (besides what is NOT the meaning of “Super Duper”) it was that the wrong vote (according to your party) on a controversial issue will haunt you the rest of your political career.  Did Obama ever pass up an opportunity to mention he voted “Nay” on the war with Iraq?  Of course not, nor should he have.  And if any of these House GOP dinguses have aspirations beyond being Congressional seat warmers, they’re going to need to say at some point that they stuck to the party line on an important issue. Plus in this case there’s absolutely no risk in their so doing, and I’ll tell you why.

First of all, they know the stimulus is going to pass anyway, so they aren’t really putting the country in peril with their futile gesture of disapproval.  If the stimulus doesn’t work (because, say, there are too many tax cuts for it to be effective…and who was it demanding those again?), they’ve got the big I-told-you-so in their corner.  And, if the stimulus works, they can always say they held out for more infrastructure (just like they’re starting to do already) because they just lerve the Amurkan working man.  Like I said, it’s a win-win.

The same holds for the Senate GOP, and they damned well know it.  What to do?  Take out the shit they want, put in the shit you want, and then if they continue to block it…

Make. Them. Filibuster.

Make them explain their case for hours and hours, on CSPAN, to the nation which breathlessly awaits some sort of relief.  They won’t do it, because they know they don’t have a case to make.  And you’ll (we’ll) get the stimulus we actually NEED passed, rather than half the stimulus we need and half junk that’s going to sabotage your efforts on our economy’s behalf.

Don’t listen to Harry Reid.  That guy hasn’t seen his sack in years, not because he’s fat, but because it doesn’t exist (ooh, I’m in for a strongly-worded letter now!).  Listen to Rahm, who I’m sure is balls-to-the-wall in your/our corner on this one. Acknowledge that this one’s out of your charm’s reach and get your New New Deal working.  Once it does, and the public’s on your side, the GOP will follow.

Or just start selling topless pictures of you and Rahm playing basketball.  Economic crisis/deficit problem solved!


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