Even Neocons Think Bush Is Retarded

Here’s a link to the National Review’s best conservative movies of all time. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED READING MATERIAL.

Some favorite choices?

The predictables:

The Incredibles (Well, duh. Suburban schlubs triumph again!)
300 (Of course. Can’t believe this isn’t #1.)
Team America (Yup. It still amazes me that fans of South Park have no idea and/or deny it’s written by staunch conservatives. Potheads are so dense.)

Bubba Gump

Bubba Gump

Pursuit of Happyness (Liberals are lazy deadbeats.)
United 93 (Never Forget!)
Red Dawn (Ah, I’d almost forgotten about my darling Wolverines.)

The hilarious:

Juno (Choice = anti-choice?)
Brazil (Jesus, even Terry Gilliam chided Bush and Cheney for ripping him off in the nightmarish police state they’ve created over the last eight years.)
Groundhog Day (Huh? Wait, no, I see the politics now…no, seriously, huh???)
Lord of the Rings (Wait, didn’t the social conservatives think Frodo and Sam were gay? And now they’re Bush and Rove? Are they trying to tell us something?)

But my favorite…

#4: Forrest Gump.

FORREST GUMP??? The story of a functionally-retarded Southerner who stumbles his way ass-backwards into prominence in America???? REALLY?????????

Seriously, in the midst of all the partisan bickering over the stimulus, Gregg, and the LIBRULS TAKING OVER WASHINGTON, it’s nice that the folks at NRO are extending a hand across the aisle, conceding what we all knew to be a joke-turned-horrible-reality. And how wonderful that us bed-wetting liberal types have enough distance at this point to find it funny, rather than horrifying. In the immortally screaching words of Lucille Bluth, “OOOOOH, isn’t it great to talk like this???”


1 Response to “Even Neocons Think Bush Is Retarded”

  1. February 13, 2009 at 12:07

    good post – very clever


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