Can You Blame Them?

I’m mostly just writing about this, because it’s eerily similar to a hilarious tragic incident that happened while I was living in New York. The conversation that follows happened literally every time someone attempted to relay some important news about a total twat we knew:

“Did you hear? Susan* got stoned in Yemen.”
“What? So?”
“Nonono, like she got stoned.” (pantomime throwing motion)
“Oh my God, really? In Yemen?”
“The fuck is she doing there?”
“I dunno, but she got stoned.”
“Huh. Well, I guess I hope she’s OK.” (back to drinking beer)

*Name changed to protect said twat’s privacy.

Anyhow, I’m relaying this story because I imagine this is the exact conversation that is now traveling around the Vanity Fair/The Nation/Slate/The Atlantic newsroom, after reading the following story on Forbes.com:

Christopher Hitchens was just beaten up in Lebanon.


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