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Straight. To. Hell.

I keep looking at this picture. And trying not to laugh. It’s not her fault that she was born to maybe the biggest dickbag in the history of dickbags (Rick Santorum). It’s not her fault that her father’s such a huge homophobe that my beloved Dan Savage has made his name synonomous with post-anal spuge. I know it. Really, I do.

And then I laugh.

I stop looking at it, but I still laugh.

I laugh and laugh until I cry.

Until I look just like her.

Such is her own sweet revenge, I guess.

Anyway, so here’s a link if you want to view her daddy’s latest bit of asshattery.

Fun excerpt:

The lecture continued when Santorum pointed out what he thought were the main differences between Christians and Muslims. Santorum said Christians, who believe in Jesus Christ, never governed or conquered anyone, but Mohammed was a warrior and killed people

Thank you, my darling Wonkette, for putting this picture next to your report on this douchebag. It makes the hurty in my head go away, and reposition itself in my aching sides.



Call me crazy, or overly Hopeful, but this looks delicious.

Japanese chef invents Obama sushi.

*Note to Michele Bachmann: That’s how you can tell a socialist. Fish paste teeth give them away every time.