Guess What? The State of the Union Is…Erm, Shaky!

I hate having to read about the State-of-the-Union-ish speech from afar. This is the price I pay for free health care. *sigh*

In case anyone else missed it, from what I gather, Obama’s speech went over like gangbusters. According to us librul-types. According to Gallup, however, Obama’s job approval rating has just dipped below 60% for the first time (Draft up the resignation papers! He’s going down!).

Seriously, though, I’m wondering how this will be received. On the one hand, Americans don’t want to be patronized like bunny rabbits (“I don’t patronize bunny rabbits”–sorry, couldn’t resist), but, on the other hand, being fed the truth ain’t really our strong suit either.

Only time will tell if he included enough vagueries about how our abyssmal health care and educational systems will be magically fixed, if only we clap our hands and bring them back to life. And by “time,” I mean “Nate Silver.”

(Credit where credit’s definitely due: The awesome Blingee was snagged from Wonkette’s brilliant liveblogging of the event.)

UPDATE: It ain’t Nate Silver, but the punditry roundup on HuffPo has everyone (left and right) fawning all over Obama. According to CBS:

Eighty percent of speech watchers approve of President Obama’s plans for dealing with the economic crisis. Before the speech, 63 percent approved.

Fifty-one percent of speech watchers think the president’s economic plans will help them personally. Thirty-six thought so before the speech.

Seventy-five percent of speech watchers now say they were able to get a good understanding of President Obama’s economic plans, compared to 58 percent before the speech.

Quick note to David Brooks: Tread lightly with this slavish worship of Obama (by Republican standards). You may wake up to a horse’s head in your bed. Worse yet, it could be Kathryn Jean Lopez. Naked. *shudder*

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