You Mean MSNBC And Bobby Jindal Aren’t BFF?

So Bobby “Wünderkind” Jindal gave the Republican response to the Obama State of the Union. While the Republicans were wetting their pants over the idea, calling it a coming-out party and all (way to use a debutante reference in dire economic times, by the by), the liberal media is just pooing all over it. So far this morning, I’ve read his speech called “weirdly robotic,” and that “he seemed to be trying to get out the door to catch a ride from Baton Rouge to New Orleans before Lent began.” My beloved Nate Silver even went so far as to refer to it as “Jindal Versus the Volcano,” and that just can’t be good.

Instead of fighting, though, can we all just take a minute to marvel at Chris Matthews not realizing his mike is on and he’s on the teevee machine? Watch him skewer any credibility he had as a reliable news guy (he had credibility?) by moaning, “Oh, God” right before Jindal starts speaking (thanks again to Wonkette for your awesome moan-identifying skillz!).

UPDATE: It’s not just the left that hated the speech. David Brooks and Fox News are jumping on the we-wish-he-were-more-like-Palin bandwagon. Maybe he should exorcise their head demons?


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