O.C. Mayor Apparently Thinks Obama Really Likes Watermelon

Oh, you libruls and brown people and what not just LOVE to overreact. First you think calling the president a chimp (not to mention a crazed chimp who should be shot) is offensive, and now this. Explain to the GOP mayor who sent it to his constituents how this be viewed as racist.

And why on earth would anyone think there’s any implicit meaning to the email’s title (“No Easter Egg Hunt This Year”)? Mayor Dean Grose just thinks the Muslim terrorist Antichrist President would rather not celebrate the rising of Jeebus from the grave with a fine old Amurkan tradition. How is that so wrong?

Really, explain it to him. Here’s his email address, the fucking douche.


And his website address:


Now it’s up to the internet to spam this guy into such a crazed state that he will be FORCED to lose his shit, get drunk, and start a fight. And then he can sit in the drunk tank for a while. With black men. Who will get to know his non-racist ass. Hopefully in the Biblical sense.


1 Response to “O.C. Mayor Apparently Thinks Obama Really Likes Watermelon”

  1. 1 V.E.G.
    March 12, 2009 at 21:25

    James Frederick Fayard, III is rolling over his grave due to the watermelon jokes.

    Fayard himself is part black due to his great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandmother (supposedly) Francoise of the Congo. People should be polite to people of African origin. Fayard was a black man with white skin gave his life save a woman, and his half brother said, had not save a woman, more people would be dead.

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