Rahm-ing The Right Into A Corner

Rahm Emanuel, you magnificent bastard.

Along with every other liberal on the planet, I am seriously LERVING this whole Rush-is-the-leader-of-the-conservative-movement dealy. What I especially love is that it means I get to heap the props on my favoritest of all the Obama’s sexy cabinet members, Rahm Emanuel, who has helped engineer a goddamned genius strategy, one which will almost assuredly keep the Democrats in power in the next elections. What we have here is just. fucking. awesome.

Rahm has cited Rush as “PE #1” as far as the liberal movement is concerned, and has said that he is obviously the leader of the Republican party. GENIUS!!! There are very few people in the country, and on the right, that are as galvanizing as that bloated bag of Oxycontin. I assume Rahm picked him specifically for this reason, thereby linking a party in danger of becoming seriously marginalized to someone who’s as off-putting to independents and the center-right as he is to all-you-can-eat buffet purveyors.

That was a good element to the choice of Rush, but the ultimate brilliance of this ploy is in picking someone who is (a) a prominent and well-known figure in the media (much as Eric Cantor may be emerging in the public eye, he’s got nothing on Rush as far as visibility goes), and (b) so blinded by his own ego and need to stoke it that he can’t see that he is playing right into us libruls’ hands. Even Pat Buchanan (no stranger to galvanizing the left, himself) knows it, and warned about as much in a recent appearance in Hardball.  The punchline is that it hasn’t stopped Rush one bit from spouting off at the mouth about how he is the future of the party, the only one who espouses the traditional conservative values his empire was based on (He is so family-focused, he’s had three!). And it won’t.  For years and YEARS, we hope.

Oh, Rush, may you always be so oblivious. And fat. Fat jokes about you are so much fun.

UPDATE: I stand corrected. Apparently Carville cooked this baby up. I stand by my love of Rahm, though, since Carville’s got a face only his mother could love.


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