I Love Radiohead So Hard

OK, so this is true in general, but right now…I just want to snuggle Thom Yorke to within an inch of his life:

Miley Cyrus says Radiohead dissed her at the Grammys.

In a recent radio interview, Miley Cyrus said Radiohead is her favorite band and biggest influence. Wha HUH?? So, she really wanted to meet them when they were both at the Grammys recently. When she requested an audience, they replied that they don’t really do that.

This is going to be my close second to my favorite all-time diss, also by an English celebrity whose intelligence and bullshit meter are waaay higher than the alleged “fan”:

Backstage at Live8 Ricky Gervais was at the side of the stage. Paris Hilton walked up to him and said how much she liked his stuff.

Ricky: “Have we met before?”
Paris “Yes. I’m Paris Hilton”
Ricky “Oh, sorry Paris, I didn’t recognise you without a cock in your mouth.”

See, Republicans? THIS is why we need to reform education. If we don’t start producing the slapdown-er instead of only slapdown-ee, we’re going to devolve into this guy:


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