SNL Finally Realizes Black Face Isn’t All That Funny After All

Hilarious, no?

Oh, Lorne Michaels, you poor, poor old fool. You really thought it was a good idea to have Fred Armisen do Obama, didn’t you? After all, what illustrates our hope for a post-racial America better than a good old-fashioned blackface comedian mocking our negro President? Egads.Well, it appears maybe Lorne’s changed his tune. Last night Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson played Obama, was apparently quite funny doing it, and the audience didn’t have to feel guilty if they laughed. Bonus!Then again, since this is SNL we’re talking about, I haven’t had to feel guilty any time I’ve watched the previous sketches, since the writing has been as painful to watch as the tone-deaf choice of impersonator (bah-ZING!).

Vodpod videos no longer available.


1 Response to “SNL Finally Realizes Black Face Isn’t All That Funny After All”

  1. March 9, 2009 at 10:58

    Fred Armisen has mastered the Obama impression, it hasn’t been funny because Obama has been a relative straight man in all the skits with Obama and Clinton or the TV News people being the ones doing and saying ridiculous things. But then I found the skit where Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson discussed where Obama was on the “blackness: scale, so I probably not a good measure of the proper “Fred Armisen does Obama” outrage.

    BTW Fred Armisen wss Obama in the rock skit, too…

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