Oh, Michael Steele, We Hardly Knew Ye…

Turns out the GOP may be fed up with having epic failure and all-’round embarrassment Michael Steele lead their party, and are gearing up to give him the ol’ boot. And guess what? It’ll probably do their party image even more harm than keeping him around! How could that be?

The guy who’s set to oust/replace Steele, Katon Dawson, is famous for two things: (1) Having the name of a 12-year-old girl, and (2) Having to quit his precious whites-only country club just last year. Guess which one will likely get picked up by the public consciousness as his next claim to fame becomes instituting a coup d’etat of the party’s black chairman?

If I may get serious for just moment, this GOP implosion is just getting sad. Part of me was hoping they would regroup after the election, understand how minority an opinion it was that espousing Palin and her virtues was a great idea, and come back with Buckley-esque principles. Granted, the idea scared the bejeezus out of me (I wants my funding for education and health and other such socialist lusts), but I think it’s healthy to have some checks in place.

Whatever, party at Rahm’s house! Carville’s buying!


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