Did You Know An American Nazi Tried To Kill Obama?

No, not those two idiots from a while ago. This one’s serious:

James G. Cummings was a white supremacist millionaire, residing in Maine in a house with the Nazi flag in front of it (yes, he flagged his house for them). Inside his lair, he had all the makings of a dirty bomb, which he planned to explode at Obama’s inauguration. And he would have done it, unimpeded, had his wife not shot him dead on December 9.

First of all, this pisses me off because once again we are treated to an example of Bush and his policies not so much “keeping us safe” (as Peggy Noonan and other conservatives have been attempting to gush, in order to make him not sound like the biggest failure ever). His security would have allowed a terrorist attack on our soil. Just like it did before.

Secondly, where the fuck is the media on this one? Where’s the outrage? I haven’t even heard Olbermann get all hot and bothered about it, and he lives for getting hot and bothered about basically anything. What gives???

Anyway, there you have it. There are white supremacists out there with the means, knowledge, and motives to kill Obama and anyone else who stands in his way. They were sort of abstract notions to me before, but this shows how very real they are, and I’m willing to bet they don’t all have wives willing to shoot them before they’re caught. Sweet fucking dreams.


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