Greatest. Injustice. Ever.

The shoe-throwing Iraqi journalist has been sentenced to three years in prison, presumably for missing Dubya’s giant head. (Seriously, how fast did Bush get out of the way of those shoes? It makes me wonder how many projectiles have flown his way over the years, cause those were some practiced dodges.)

Poor Muntadher al-Zaidi is taking the heat for what I used to do, mentally, while reading the paper. For this, I now bow my head and give thanks. Then, in his memory/honor:


1 Response to “Greatest. Injustice. Ever.”

  1. March 12, 2009 at 12:04

    It’s kind of ironic actually. Under Saddam’s reign he – and possibly his whole family – would have been killed for doing that. It seems that some people aren’t ready the responsibilities and self-control that come with freedom.

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