Sweet Jeebus, Stewart/Cramer May Be Better Than Frost/Nixon Too

Here’s the lesson we’ve learned this year: Don’t piss off late-night talk show hosts.

On a quick serious aside, what the hell kind of media world are we living in where Jon Stewart is acting as the best watchdog out there? Honestly, now, here’s a clip from earlier in the week from Joe Scarborough (admittedly, a functional retard):

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Scarborough is absolutely fucking right. Stewart and his staff do, in fact, “cherry-pick” video all day. But, guess what? That’s their job. And guess what else? It’s your fucking job, too, you illiterate boob. The whole goddamned point of having a news media is to inform the public about things they wouldn’t otherwise know. Repeating talking points, even colored with your opinion thereon, is not journalism. Finding something under a rock and shining a light on it is. It’s called “investigating,” which is what “investigatory journalism” is all about. You fuckwit.

Now, granted, this doesn’t apply to everything that might now be known (the color underwear James Carville is sporting today, for example, I could die happy not knowing). There are criteria that must be met (“Is it funny/embarrassing?”/”Is it important to know?”) for it to be actual comedy/news. But the process is the same. You twit. And, in this case, this was both. It is absolutely important for people to know that the people who are advising them on how to spend/invest their money are sometimes guessing, sometimes in bed with the companies they tout, and sometimes just fucking around because they think it’s fun. As such, a story like that is, by our aforementioned criterion, more newsworthy than, say, interviewing Carson Daly about why he thinks St. Patrick’s Day should be a national holiday. You fucking twit.

Let me reiterate what I’ve said before on this blog: I’m not really so much a fan of The Daily Show as it exists right now. The correspondents are weak, the writing’s sort of devolved into Stewart-as-caricature, and the interviews usually suck. That said, the type of reporting-as-comedy that they do is invaluable to the national conversation. And they do it because the rest of the journalistic world doesn’t.

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