GOP Must Be In Freefall If They’re Linking HERE

‘Kay, this is just a personal note, but I’ve noticed that, of the political blogs that have linked to me, the majority (by quite a bit, actually) are conservative. Is that because I’m a conservative blogger? Erm, hardly. As I’ve looked at the posts that WordPress has deemed related to mine, I’ve come to realize that it’s happening because these bloggers are excoriating their own party, and its leadership.

What happened to Reagan’s 11th Commandment? What, was all that solidarity stuff only for when Rove’s imaginary “permanent majority” was in place?


The GOP is clearly floundering right now, and, granted, everyone who cares about said party is absolutely right to offer advice on how to fix it. Bashing them as hard as I do, though, is just kicking a dead horse. Which I do because (a) it’s easy, and (b) I’m not above it. They should be, though.

So, conservative pundits and bloggers, this is for you: Sack up and fix yo’ shit. Who should lead you? A fat pustule on the ass of humanity, an idiot demagogue from the icy regions of no-electoral-votes, or a babbling buffoon of a constant failure? Jesus, are you even considering bubble-headed-but-cutesy Meghan McCain, given her near-constant presence on the media circuit?

In the interest of my love of debates, especially those William Buckley used to have with Noam Chomsky and Andrea Dworkin, I’ll give you a hint: He works at the NY Times now, and is, by all accounts, not a waste of water.

Now, just because I love it, here’s Buckley and Chomsky in the kind of debate we should be having now: erudite, well-informed, and civil. Enjoy.


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