Karzai Kind Of Admits You Maybe Shouldn’t Rape Your Wife

In case you didn’t know already, Afghanistan recently said it was legal to rape your wife. And now Hamid Karzai is maybe admitting that might not have been the greatest idea.
“I ordered the justice minister to review the law, and if there is anything that would contravene … the freedom our constitution gives to Afghan women … there will be changes in it,” Karzai said on Saturday.

Here’s the thing: I’m glad this is getting reviewed, and I’m horrified by the law. Let’s get that out of the way. But let’s take a look at who’s outraged. Europe? Last I checked Italy was in Europe, and last I checked, Berlusconi decreed it legal to rape a woman, so long as she’s in blue jeans. America? Who’s never ever convicted anyone of marital rape ever? Whose most famous case of marital rape involved a whack job (pun intended) lopping off her attacker’s member?

So, it’s not only the hypocrisy and posturing of this that’s bothering me (“Yes, we tacitly admit it’s OK to rape them, but you can’t say that” *wink wink nudge nudge*), but also the total glossing over of the rest of the so-called “rape law.”

Under the new measure, Shia women would be banned from working or receiving an education without their husbands’ permission, the UN agency said.

They would also be forbidden from leaving their homes except for “legitimate purposes,” the agency said.

Wow, good thing they’re maybe going to think about repealing that rape business. It’ll be EZ street for dem broads from then on, I tell ya.

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