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NASA Disses Colbert; Names Space Station “Tranquility”

Just gotta take credit for knowing mah geeks:

NASA names treadmill for Stephen Colbert.

The U.S. space agency NASA on Tuesday christened a room at the International Space Station as Tranquility and not after comedian Stephen Colbert’s last name. Instead, COLBERT was used to name the station’s treadmill.

I know they will see this as a compromise. It’s not, really, and it’s not the other thing they’ll claim it is (a way to still seem hip while pandering to the mainstream who pay taxes/their salaries). It’s lame, but they don’t know that.

Naming the space station after Colbert would have been a great way to get young, energetic people to be interested in science. Plus, it would have shown NASA to have a better sense of humor than previously assumed.

In short, the idea was doomed from the get-go.

As some people may recall, I went on record predicting NASA would never name the station after Colbert, even though he won the write-in contest. They are a lot of things, but hip and ironic ain’t on that list.

So, yes, I’m just gloating. I called it. The end.


Will A Dick Armey Finally Get To Teabag Obama? Find Out Today!

GAWD, is there anything that has ever been done EVER that is more unintentionally titter-inducing than this teabagging movement? I hope it lasts forever.

Let me get this out of the way first: I think the actual idea, as per the Ron Paul supporters who started it, is not a bad way to rebel. Sure, it’s misguided, misappropriated, and generally a misnomer for what they really want. Still, the use of a Tea Party is potent as a symbol of a proud moment of American rebellion against the status quo. And, really, when it comes to these sorts of protests, anything that can organize a huge group into a coherent chant/idea is good: It helps channel the anger and frustration, and keeps it from getting overly emotional or violent or otherwise lost in the shuffle. So, I get it. And I approve.

That said, there is NOTHING of which I more wholeheartedly approve than the current appropriation of said imagery, which does nothing but reflect the biggest problem the GOP has right now: It is so doggone tone deaf, it’s unbelievable.

It’s one thing to rebel against supposed tax increases (which don’t exist); it’s another to invent a way to do so that is (a) so broad that it loses meaning in the crowd (these crowds are protesting everything from Obama’s status as a non-citizen, to his secret belief in Islam, to his communist tendencies), and (b) a well-known sexual act which everyone under the age of 60 and/or with a computer knows about. To do so as a party that is quickly becoming famous for being full of self-hating closeted homosexuals is even further hilarious.

To do so while led by a man named Dick Armey, though…shit, that’s just priceless.


McCain Not-So-Secretly H8s Palin: Part Kajillion

The latest evidence? He left her name off the list of governors he thought would be great leaders of the Republican partay. And now her supporters (aptly named “TeamSarah” a la Brangelina fanatics) are saying the old man’s an asshole, and not just…well, old.

Thank God for Sarah Palin and her completely idiotic ways of garnering attention. Flight of the Conchords is still between seasons; without her, I’d be lost.

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