Will A Dick Armey Finally Get To Teabag Obama? Find Out Today!

GAWD, is there anything that has ever been done EVER that is more unintentionally titter-inducing than this teabagging movement? I hope it lasts forever.

Let me get this out of the way first: I think the actual idea, as per the Ron Paul supporters who started it, is not a bad way to rebel. Sure, it’s misguided, misappropriated, and generally a misnomer for what they really want. Still, the use of a Tea Party is potent as a symbol of a proud moment of American rebellion against the status quo. And, really, when it comes to these sorts of protests, anything that can organize a huge group into a coherent chant/idea is good: It helps channel the anger and frustration, and keeps it from getting overly emotional or violent or otherwise lost in the shuffle. So, I get it. And I approve.

That said, there is NOTHING of which I more wholeheartedly approve than the current appropriation of said imagery, which does nothing but reflect the biggest problem the GOP has right now: It is so doggone tone deaf, it’s unbelievable.

It’s one thing to rebel against supposed tax increases (which don’t exist); it’s another to invent a way to do so that is (a) so broad that it loses meaning in the crowd (these crowds are protesting everything from Obama’s status as a non-citizen, to his secret belief in Islam, to his communist tendencies), and (b) a well-known sexual act which everyone under the age of 60 and/or with a computer knows about. To do so as a party that is quickly becoming famous for being full of self-hating closeted homosexuals is even further hilarious.

To do so while led by a man named Dick Armey, though…shit, that’s just priceless.


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