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Has Fat Dickless Slob Larry Summers Ever Done Anything Good Ever In His Fat Dickless Life?

I’ve had it with this asshat being part of Obama’s cabinet. He may indeed be the smartest guy ever in the history of mankind, but he is a worldclass asshole, virtually unparalleled within either party.

As we all know, he touts as one of his bonafides his previous post as president of Harvard. Till he said girls are stupid and can’t do math and was forced to leave.

He then went on to head up the World Bank during our last worstest recession (1991).

He was also with Big Bubba Clinton for a stint as Treasury Secretary during which he enacted the policy perhaps most singularly responsible for our current meltdown.

And now he’s busy tarnishing our poor Princess Sparkle Pony’s cabinet. He goes on talk shows and enrages the living shit out of people by claiming the notorious AIG bonuses are lost forever. Once that fury dies down, he goes with Obama to a crucial meeting with the credit card companies, during which they’re supposed to be telling them to stop being such usurious pricks. And falls asleep.

Can we just team him up with the other most-hateable Clintonite (good ol’ Dick Morris) to go fight crime under the names “Toe-Sucker and the Douche”?


Michele Bachmann Is Janice Dickinson, But Crazier And Less Fun

Separated At Birth

Michele Bachman cold h8s Janet Napolitano, and wants her ass outta DHS. And, of course she does. Because Napolitano DARED complete a study ordered by Bush that looked into the extremist movements on both sides of the political aisle. Dammit, Janet, don’t you know only hippies are dangerous? Have you ever been cornered in an elevator with a bunch of people wearing patchouli???

So, anyway, something occurred to me while watching her rant:

Namely, I felt I had sort of seen it before, but been more entertained.

Crazy? Check. Hot, in an overly-Botoxed way? Check. More adorable than scary when ranting about imaginary threats? Check.

Has anyone ever seen these two in the same room together?

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