4Chan Pwns Time

First, these guys infiltrate beloved institutions like “America’s Next Top Model”, and now this? What next? Hacking into a Disney site and making Mickey do things to Goofy that are illegal in 48 states (like get married)???

To tell the truth, I’m a bit ambivalent about what 4chan’s many, many minions have done to Time’s new poll on “The Most Influential People In The World”. On the one hand, it’s a stupid poll set up by an obsolete news source (which is, in the words of Jon Stewart, for people who like USA Today but wish it were shinier), so it might as well be these guys that fuck with it as Colbert fans. Plus, the reference to “marble cake” made me spit coffee onto my keyboard.

On the other, ol’ Chris Poole disseminating his influence into mainstream channels can only help our poor aging population come to grips with the fact that they don’t matter anymore. Come on, moot, they have so little left already (teeth, bladder control, calcium, naturally-occurring erections).

Side note: Li’l Wayne was in the running?


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