Everyone H8s Palin: Mitt Romney Edition

In an interview with John King (people still do those?), both Eric Cantor and Mitt Romney were asked about the paucity of Republicans in the recent Time magazine list of 100 Most Influential People:

KING: As you launch this effort, anyone who picks up Time magazine this week and sees the 100 most influential people, will see two Republicans in that magazine. They’ll see Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh. Is that helpful, hurtful, indifferent?

…(Editor’s note: Has anyone ever given a shit about what Cantor says?)

ROMNEY: John, I’d like to have a lot more influential Republicans. I think there are a lot more influential Republicans than that would suggest. But was that the issue on the most beautiful people or the most influential people? I’m not sure. If it’s the most beautiful, I understand. We’re not real cute.

Oh, Mittens, you’re plenty cute. That answer, for example, was fucking adorable.


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