Save Michele Bachmann!


Elwyn Tinklenberg is going to run against Michele Bachmann again! For those who don’t remember, he barely lost to her last time, probably because she had only just said one totally insane thing at the time of the election. Given the veritable cavalcade of horse diarrhea that has emanated from her gaping maw since then, this guy may well take her public forum away from her in 2010.

But, no! What do you have to offer to the humor addicts of the United States, Elwyn Tinklenburg? Your name? Sure, it’s hilarious, but it’s kind of one-note. What kind of daily hilarious and public fuckups are YOU willing to make, man???

Next thing you know, Alan Keyes will be run over by a bus, Sarah Palin will be relegated to housewifery, and the world will never laugh again.


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