Who Knew The Terminator Was A Cutter?

Schwarzenneger is in a pickle. Granted. His state is in serious trouble, and has voted not to raise taxes to help alleviate it. And so, confronted with the notion of having a state go bankrupt, he’s making cuts. Got it. And, since federal support is not so much enjoyed by the rich, it’s going to be stuff for the rest of us. Got it.

Salary reductions for state employees are pretty standard, as are, unfortunately, education cuts. They suck, but they’re standard. However…

Mr. Schwarzenegger, a Republican, is threatening to eliminate the Healthy Family Program, the state’s health insurance program that covers over 900,000 children and is financed with state and federal money, as well as the state’s main welfare program, known as Cal-Works, which provides temporary financial assistance to poor families and a caregiver for the severely disabled.

Taking away poor children’s health insurance? Wow. Just…WOW.

Well, at least now we know there’ll never be a Presi-nator, whether or not the Constitutional requirement for nascent citizenship gets amended.

Ahnold, watch your back. Hillary’ll get you for this if it’s the last thing she does, especially if Obama’s health care reform goes through and winds up dwarfing her (already small) health care legacy. And, as we all know, that bitch is mean.


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