Jews Already Having The Worst Week Ever

It hasn’t been a good month for the sons and daughters of Abraham. First, Israel has to watch as its greatest (only?) close ally in the world cozies up to the people who most want it demolished. And, while I’m in favor of the two-state solution, I seriously feel for Israel, and I understand

No, the OTHER Chuck Taylor

No, the OTHER Chuck Taylor

that it can’t be easy to have to negotiate with Hamas, who will inevitably experience “Oopsies” in their bomb-over-the-Israeli-border mechanism the day after they get their state granted. Really, I get it.

But this is really too much.

Former Liberian dictator Charles Taylor, currently imprisoned at the Hague awaiting trial for war crimes in Sierra Leone, has apparently decided to convert to Judaisim

George Bluth jokes aside, what next? Is Jon Stewart going to convert to Southern Baptism? Will Barney Greengrass Sturgeon King shut its doors? Will rugelach be found to be carcinogenic?

Ay, gevalt.


2 Responses to “Jews Already Having The Worst Week Ever”

  1. 1 pete c
    June 8, 2009 at 19:06

    Worst closing ever…it’s “OY, gevalt” not “Ay, gevalt”!

    • 2 jabberinwookie
      June 8, 2009 at 20:18

      “Ay” = “interjection, expressing extreme pain or extreme happiness”
      “Oy” = “exclamation”

      The two are, in some cases, interchangeable. I use “ay” when I am highly disturbed and/or elated about something (in this case, disturbed). I guess my question is why are you so nonchalant about war criminals and their cynical conversions to jailhouse religion? Feh.

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