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NAMBLA Wants Andrew Cuomo Dead

Seriously, it’s in a newspaper and on the teevee and everything. (Well, kinda. The “newspaper” is the NY Post, a bastion of responsible journalism to be sure.)

Pedophiles Put Price on AG’s Head

Why, you ask?

a $10,000 bounty was placed on Cuomo by a suspected agent of NAMBLA. The article quotes an investigative source as saying the pedophile community is upset with Cuomo for making internet service providers take responsibility for policing child pornography.

Cuomo has also been aggressively seeking to keep convicted pedophiles behind bars through civil confinement.

This is going to sound totally OT, but give me a sec: If you know anything about Philly Cheesesteaks, you know there is a rivalry between Geno’s and Pat’s, both of whom claim to have the best in the country. A long time ago, a rumor surfaced that Pat was using horsemeat as his steaks. To rebut, Pat offered a $10,000 reward to anyone who could prove it. Many, many long lines later, the source of the rumor was revealed: Pat. Barnum-esque and brilliant, this story has stayed with me as a model for how to manipulate a crowd into unwittingly doing your bidding by posing as your own adversary.

And so I officially now start the countdown to the revelation that this anonymous NAMBLA agent is actually a Cuomo associate (or Andrew himself). Tick tock, people!