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Big. Dick.

Is 2009 a special year for Dick Cheney? Did his numerologist tell him he should spend ALL of it doing interviews, something he rarely did ever before in his life?

I understand wanting to protect your legacy. I understand wanting to defend your policies. But that’s what the last year you’re in office is for. After that, you’re supposed to maintain your legacy by shutting the fuck up. It’s seen as classy and…well, not evil.

Well, Dick Cheney’s having none of it, I tell you, NONE OF IT!!! He will NOT go gently into any good night until we all know what an all-fired methodically fucking evil son of a bitch he really is. And not just in the sense that he loves torturing people to try to link Al Qaeda to Iraq so his idiot man-child president can go ahead with the war he’s DYING to engage in over there. Oh no! Lest you forget, he’s also a world-class asshat when it comes to the economy!

In an interview on Fox News — portions of which aired Tuesday night — the former vice president said he is “very concerned” about where the Obama administration is taking the country economically.

“I worry very much that we’re in a situation now where there doesn’t appear to be any limitation whatsoever in terms of the spending commitments that this administration wants to make,” he said. “Vast expansion in terms of the deficit, but it also says a lot about what they intend for the role of government in this society.”

White House officials have predicted the country’s deficit will soar to $1.75 trillion this year, after the administration’s efforts to bail out troubled financial companies and stabilize the nation’s flailing economy. Obama has also pledged to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term, a promise critics doubt is possible to keep. (Related: Obama defends budget as essential to recovery)

But beyond rising deficits, Cheney said he is concerned the administration is fundamentally “redefining that relationship between government, on the one hand, and the private sector on the other.”

“I’m one of those people who believes that part of the greatness of the United States is our private sector. “It’s what we do as private citizens for ourselves and our companies,” he said, later adding, “I think we have to be very, very cautious. I think we’ve gone beyond what reasonably we could expect by way of intrusion into the private sector.”

First of all, Dick, this ain’t news. We all know how you feel. And secondly, if you’re trying to HELP your legacy, why even bring up excessive government spending (the retort is so obviously to throw the deficit you created back in your face) or confidence in the private sector? Because you’re going to create some positive views of your policies by saying how bankers and corporations know best? In THIS climate???

I used to give ol’ Dick points for consistency, and for the veracity of his genuine beliefs. However, you can’t claim what you did wasn’t torture, AND that we were going to the “dark side” by using it. You can’t say that state secrets are sacred AND out an active CIA agent. And, you can’t guard your secrets more jealously than anyone ever in the second-highest office in the land AND be on a media blitz.

Big. Dick.


Well, That Was Quick

Facebook no longer owns your ass. At least, not as outwardly as they were proclaiming to before. The plan, as unveiled by The Consumerist, was to give Facebook ownership of anything uploaded thereto in perpetuity. A day, and many angry complaints, later, they rescinded the addendum to their Terms of Service agreement.

Whew! That was close, right?

Check out this documentary, if you haven’t already:

It’s a scary world out there, especially for those with friends. (Yay for bloggers!!!)