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Oh, Sanjay, Is It Because Michael Steele Didn’t Send You Slum Love* Too?

So Sanjay Gupta is packing his toys and going home back on the teevee, where the big bucks is. Because he’s a whore.

That’s right: HuffPo is reporting that this decision is financially motivated.

According to Farrell, Gupta had misgivings about both the pay cut he would have to take and the fact that he could be reporting to two high-level bosses: both the health secretary and health reform office director.

‘Kay, I’m tempted to believe this, since, like I said, I think this guy would sell his mother’s underwear for a cheeseburger, but it smacks of bullshit to me. He’s worried about bureaucracy? Huh? I know doctors, and the thing in which I know they are more experienced than anything else is how to navigate paperwork. It’s not only part of the job; it’s most of it.

His official statement only adds to my skepticism:

He has removed himself from consideration to focus more on his medical career and his family.

Ah, the standard bullshit excuse used almost always by pols and pol-wannabes who have a serious skeleton problem in their closets. The Chicago Tribune‘s above-linked article cites as a possible motivation for his withdrawal the impending scandal brewing amongst liberals who (like myself) disapprove of his close association with drug companies.

Some groups cited his critical reporting on government-run health-care systems. And some liberal physicians raised the possibility of conflict of interest because Gupta had participated in TV programming on a health channel for doctors’ offices. The programming was partly underwritten by drug companies.

After Gupta was named as a surgeon general candidate, House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers (D-Mich.), a universal health care advocate, campaigned to mobilize opposition in Congress.

Conyers, who supports a government-centered health-care system, argued that Gupta’s past criticism of such an approach meant he would not be vigorous enough in advocating for the poor and disadvantaged.

(Quick aside: I’m quickly and devastatingly falling in love with John Conyers.)

Take that opposition, on top of the quick online redistribution of his smacktalk with Michael Moore about Sicko, and methinks the Obama administration wanted to distance themselves from a possible obstacle in their own midst.

Does this mean we’ll actually get the promised universal health care? I’m kind of doubting it, since it’s a perennial campaign promise by the Dems that never ever ever sees light of day. Still, it’s looking rosier in yon skies than I’ve seen it in the past…

And, in case you missed Gupta Vs. Moore, here it is. Don’t get me wrong, I know Moore is manipulative in his editing and a bit full of bullshit (Great health care and clean, modern hospitals in Cuba? Really??? Boy, did Castro ever see that guy coming…). Still, it’s worth noting that, reportedly, the commercial break immediately following the debate was for a drug company.

*In case you missed Michael Steele’s SPECTACULARLY offensive “slum love” comment to Bobby Jindal, here it is.