Awww…Slumdog Kids Get Homes

After their fairy tale week abroad,

the director of “Slumdog Millionaire” (Danny Boyle) and a producer of the movie have promised the children stars new flats for them and their families. So they won’t have to go back to living like this:

This just melts my cold, dead heart.

Just in case they don’t follow through (you know those slick Hollywood types), a Mumbai housing association is also chiming in to grant the children a flat each.

And there’s more! Boyle is going to hire each child a rickshaw driver to take them to and from school (to make sure they go).

The rickshaw driver will get nothing.

Of course, Salman Rushdie is now going to show up in Mumbai and burn these kids’ fancy new apartments to the ground. Because that’s what would happen in real life.


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